FUTURE INTELLIGENCE will return to Toulouse on May 31,2023 and will provide the ultimate platform for discussing opportunities and challenges inherent to the utilization of AI across the mobility sector.

This full day of conference will gather forward-thinking professionals and experts from leading tech corporations, government’s representatives, regional and local authorities, research and education institutions, and AI solution providers.


Join the AI community to discuss the current state of the industry and imagine, understand and prepare the future of artificial intelligence.

Event Agenda

October 25, 2022

09:00 – 18:30
Keynotes / Panel Discussions / Case studies:

  1. AI Global Report
  2. AI applications in space

09:00 – 18:00
ANITI scientific symposium

18:30 – 21:30
Networking cocktail reception

October 26, 2022

08:30 – 18:00

Keynote / Panel Discussions / Case studies:

  1. AI in transport and mobility
  2. AI in cultural and creative sectors

09:00 – 18:00

B2B meetings

09:00 – 18:00
ANITI scientific symposium

Participant ProfileS

Meet the AI community: experts, innovators, and policymakers involved in every stage of AI application – from inception to optimization.

  • Head of IT
  • AI/ML Product Lead
  • Cloud/Software Engineer
  • R&D Managers
  • Cybersecurity Expert
  • Data Analyst & Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • VP/Director
  • Digital Law and Technology Lawyers

Participant List

_ FUTURE INTELLIGENCE will welcome some of the major French and European players in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data across numerous industries.

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One-to-One Meetings

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Organizing CommitTee

_ FUTURE INTELLIGENCE is brought to you by leading entities in the industry including: Aerospace Valley, Ad’OCC, ANITI, abe, members of IANP, and Occitanie Data.

« Now is the time for helful AI ». AI is recognized to be a key enabler of digital transformation. Experts will share insights on how local, regional, national and European authorities are developing and implementing policies and strategies to seize the benefits of AI for the economy and society.

Experts will look into ways to make AI sustainable in the long term? They will try to answer important questions, including: how can we solve the AI skills shortage? How can we guarantee social acceptance of artificial intelligence? What are the best practices in terms of longevity, ethics, sovereignty and cyber security?

The space sector is undergoing profound transformations, shifting from the “traditional space” driven by government investments to the “NewSpace”, primarily driven by commercial motivations. This shift has been enabled by technological and business model innovations that led to the appearance of new products and services in exploration, telecommunications, navigation, observation. How can AI support the growth in space activities? What are the challenges and opportunities to be seized?

Automotive manufacturers have been pro-active in building devices that can be fitted into vehicles that are used for transporting people and goods to enable data generation.
Tech companies are pushing into autonomous driving.
AI is considered to be one of the most promising solutions to make urban mobility more effective and driving safer.
The objective of deploying these techniques in transport management is to relieve congestion, make travel time more reliable to commuters and improve the economics and productivity of the entire system.
With this in mind, panelists will discuss the opportunities to be seized, but also the policies that are necessary to support existing solutions and the transition to safe and greener mobility.

The Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) are dynamic and innovative, they represent a significant economic footprint in Occitanie, and are growing exponantially worlwide. They have an impact on creation and production, but also on broadcasting and public relations.
How can the CCS interact with other industries? How are they used? What is the use of AI in these sectors?
The CCS are going through a global restructuring with the implementation of new technologies – Future Intelligence will be a unique opportunity to present and discuss immersive technologies (augmented reality and visualization techniques), big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, holochain… and how these technologies have an impact on social media or gaming (metavers) for instance.

Aerospace Valley

Based in France, Aerospace Valley is world’s first aerospace cluster, dedicated to the strategic sectors of Aeronautics, Space and Drones, in the Occitanie/ Pyrénées-Méditerranée and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions. With its 5 excellency ecosystems – Embedded and Communicating Systems, Structures, Materials and Mechanical Systems, Propulsion and Embedded Energy, Data Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, Industry of the Future – Aerospace Valley drives a supportive, competitive and attractive community, aimed at fostering innovation in view of growth.

Ranking among the top three clusters for the performance of its cooperative R&T projects (among which 580 have already been financed), Aerospace Valley is in charge of animating a dynamic network of international reputation, composed of 850 members (companies, research laboratories, training centres, universities and schools, economic development structures).
Since 2017, Aerospace Valley is chaired by Yann Barbaux, Senior Vice President of Airbus and former Head of Innovation at Airbus.


Leading European aerospace region, Occitanie also gathers 18,500 companies and 62,500 jobs in the digital economy. As a region of industrial data production, it has strong skills in Intelligent & Sustainable Mobility – with companies such as Alstom, Actia, Renault Software Labs, Continental Digital Services, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Siemens, and numerous start-ups, in High Performance Computing, Cybersecurity, and Artificial Intelligence with the presence of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Artificial Intelligence ANITI. AD’OCC, the regional agency for economic development, supports all businesses in the Occitanie region at every stage of their lifecycle — creation, setting-up, innovation, growth, funding, export, transfer-takeover — while enhancing the region’s attractiveness and ability to draw talent.


The ambition of the Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute (ANITI) is to develop a new generation of artificial intelligence called hybrid AI, combining data-driven machine learning techniques with symbolic and formal methods for expressing properties and constraints and carrying out logical reasoning. This approach will provide better guarantees in terms of reliability, robustness and the ability to explain and interpret the results of the algorithms used, while ensuring social acceptability and economic viability. Such guarantees are required by many applications targeted by the project, such as autonomous vehicles of the future

advanced business events (abe)

advanced business events (abe) is a leading organizer of business conventions (one to one meetings), events, conferences and congresses dedicated to industry professionals from across a dozen of high-value sectors, including: aeronautics, space and defense / automotive, transport and mobility / advanced manufacturing / innovative technology. With a solid network of strategic partnerships with industrial, institutional, education and government players within a region and a portfolio of 120,000+ clients, abe has organized over 1,000 events in high technology industries around the world for over 30 years (since 1984). We leverage our experience to bring a dedicated focus to International Business Engagement, maximizing the promotion of local industry and region, by continuing to develop and lead new and innovative business convention concepts that enhance innovation, collaboration and development of key and growing industry segments.


The IANP 2019 Conference (Artifical Intelligence, New Powers) gathered in Paris more than 80 speakers and top line European experts in Data Science, Machine Learning and Digital Transformation. This year, IANP 2020 takes place in Occitanie with an ambitious program covering a very broad spectrum of AI : National and European strategy, health, services, robotics, mobility, training, research, security, defense and digital humanities. The best experts in these fields will present the Digital challenges ; National, Social, Economical and Geopolitical stakes, and the AI state of the art. The IANP Conference founding principles allow to overcome fantasies and alarming speeches about AI as a growth, progress and development driver. The IANP Consortium relies on several structures of excellence, including the Chair and Foundation Saint-Cyr, National Hub France IA, FRS, NXU Think Tank, Région Occitanie, AD’OCC Agency, start-ups, industrial and academic partners.

NXU ThinkTank

NXU ThinkTank a pour vocation de confronter et synthétiser les points de vue des leaders d’opinion concernant les NBIC. Nous collaborons avec des spécialistes des sciences humaines et sociales (philosophie, épistémologie, sociologie, économie, médical, …). Le but pour nous est d’éclaircir le plus grand nombre au travers des publications et des conférences afin de réfléchir à des pistes de reconstruction de nos modèles sociétaux. Notre credo : « rendre accessible des sujets compliqués sans appartenance politique, avec éthique ; pour ne pas subir l’influence des grands dominants »​.


Founded in January 2019, Ekitia (formerly Occitanie Data) is an association that is part of a data cluster. It was created in Occitanie but also brings actor nationwide. Its members and partners are private and public companies, communities, academic actors or even clusters and competitiveness poles. Ekitia aims to build a framework of trust, ethics and sovereignty, intended to allow members to share and cross-reference their data while respecting the interests of individuals and data owners.

Hub France IA

The Hub France IA is committed to boosting the AI ecosystem by encouraging the proximity of actors in order to accelerate the development of operational projects.

The Hub France IA acts for an applied and sovereign AI at the service of operational projects :

  • By supporting the AI ecosystem
  • By participating in the emergence of nex projects
  • By committing to a European model focused on ethics